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27. August 2014

Monday nights I meet with my Sangha at the Dharma Bum Temple and talk about Buddhism and life. Our teacher, Ken, brought up a very interesting point that I had meant to write down/reflect on. He asked.. “Where is your future?” “Where is your past?” To which everyone was a bit confused. Where is it? It’s either behind us or in front of us. The key is to try to find those things.. now. Today. In the present moment. 

It all sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Live in the Now. Why dwell about what happened in the past or what may or may not happen in the future when you are living in this moment, right NOW. Unneccessary stress you are causing yourself when you dwell on those two things. It all sounds simple in concept.

Eventually I’ll get to that point where I won’t worry. Little by little I see these things going away. I’m more grateful for my day to day. For the little things I encounter along the way. Not so caught up in what happened or what may.. but it’s hard! Some things bring me back to stress. People. Places. Ideas. So my next challenge is to figure out if I should cut these things out or try to be a bigger person and ask myself “Why?” Why do they bother me? Why do I let them get to me? And once I figure that out perhaps I can just.. not let it. Simple. Right? 


Me n my friend are doin’ this thing. Where he writes a couple sentences.. and then I add a few to that.. and so on and so forth. It’s coming out so great. I’ll post it here once we decide it’s finished. You’ll never know who wrote what. BRILLIANT!

24. July 2014

Something about the feeling of typing on a keyboard is just so wonderful to me. I just want to type nonsense all the time because I love the feel of the keys under my finger-tips. And the sound. Click. Click. Click. I’m not sure what it’s about. Same feeling I get from writing letters with a good ink pen. The flow and movement of the ink on paper as the letters form. Things that I love.

I struggle so hard with trying to accept people for who they are and be happy for them when it’s someone who has hurt me in the past. I know it’s all in my mind and how I think of it, but the trigger of unsettling feelings just happens when it comes to certain people. But I’ve learned that I love myself enough to know that means they’re no good in my life. Still, I wish I could just love everyone. Some people make it too hard. 

OH WELL! It is what it is, and what you make of it… and it all means nothing and everything at the same time, you know?