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Wednesday, 27 - 02 - 2013

Me & Tea Day 182 & 183

Hello! Sorry for the double days (and lack of posting the past two). Or is it the past three? Either way.. I’m here now! What up!
So, obviously.. I get tea at work because, who wouldn’t.. BUT you know what I discovered the other day? A TEA I HADNT REALLY TRIED! Well, a tea latte, anyway. Vanilla Ceylon Tea Latte! IT was SO good. I mean, how have I not tried it before? Now I want it always. So.. that was that day… I think it was Sunday? I also went to the Farmers Market in Hillcrest that day, which proved to be very impressive. *Note my delicious photo of dinner I made last night with fresh ingredients from Sunday*

Christian and I signed up for a month of Corepower Yoga and went to our first Hot Yoga Session on Monday, and boy was it intense! I’ve never sweated so much in my whole life. I felt so smelly and gross.. and amazing afterwords. So good. I’m glad I stuck it out. Afterwords we went to Kava Bar in North Park and tried some Kava Tea. It’s a celebration tea from the pacific islands. Very earthy tasting and potent. It made my throat a tiny bit numb, but it was definitely interesting. If you’re into earthy/good-for-you tasting stuff, I suggest you try it out. The bottom two pictures are from the Kava Bar (credit to google). We drank out of those neat looking coconut cups. 

Alright, well I’m off to enjoy my day!

Peace, Love & Tea

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